6th International ILEM Summer School


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The International ILEM Summer School (IISS), which addresses major themes and issues of the Islamic World in every year. The 6th IISS will occur in the Summer of 2019 and its major theme is “Transnational Islam and Challenges of Being Muslim Ummah.” The intellectual and political imagination of classical and contemporary Islamic thought has played an important role in the creation and continuation of the Muslim Ummah, and its complex relationship to the “Other” throughout history. Aiming to make Muslims united, this mission enables the transnational understandings and identities of Islam(s) / Muslim(s) with new projections and also makes it compulsory to produce new policies. However in the 6th IISS, the transnational networks, organizations and agencies in the Islamic World will be addressed with special emphases on their projections and possibilities to make the Muslim Ummah in the last two centuries.In addition to these, in the program the main themes of modern Islamic thought will be discussed within the transnational and global histories of Islamic World. It will be focused on the Muslim Scholars’ local and global networks and transnational Intellectual mobilities in the Muslim World.

Admission Criteria for Participants

We invite graduate students and junior scholars from the fields of philosophy, law, theology, political science, history, sociology, and other related disciplines. Accepted applicants will be expected to participate and present a paper in the program. There is no fee for the summer school; all the participants’ travel, accommodation and catering costs will be covered by the organizers.

Important Dates

Deadline for Proposal (3-4 pages) Submission: 20 May 2019
Notification of Proposal Acceptance: 01 June 2019
Submission Deadline for the Final Version of Proceeding Papers: 01 July 2019
Notification of Final Paper Acceptance: 10 July 2019
Announcement of Summer School Program: 15 July 2019
Summer School Dates: 29 July 2019 - 04 August 2019

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